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Our system was designed to answer our client's needs of creating emotional connection with their online audience . Most event organisers and video producers, craved virtual solutions which can engage online attendees, provide a unique experience and simultaneously communicate the essence of their programme in a unique way.


We present a brand new 3D approach, designed to bring your events and videos to another level.


Our solution allows the event host and speakers to deliver the event experience from within the virtual reality world. This virtual world can be designed and matched closely to specific needs and branding of the client. The sky is a limit. From  the white house, to inside a video game, to a stylish visual conference room, or even a tropical beach. We can design anything you want and include your branding.


The host /keynote speaker is able to connect with attendees or other panelists via any given virtual event platform such as the popular zoom or Skype, to ask questions or gain opinions.

This allows the live interaction and real discussion to take place instantly and with no prererordings.


Our virtual studio allows us to offer the highest level of visualisation based on architectonic modelling of the virtual spaces . It sounds complicated but it is really simple. We can make an amazing experience come to life, thanks to our use of technology, equipment and expert skill . We are also able to add various animation effects in the UNREAL ENGINE system, to make your virtual space bursting with entertainment.



This dynamic world and magical delivery , will boost any webinar, online course, conference, panel, online meeting, advertising , movie, video clip or any virtual experience.


We guarantee to provide it all, in order to make you stand out from the crowd, and create an unforgettable content.

Image by Artem Bryzgalov


We are providing high-end lasershows for corporate events, product launches, big outdoor happenings, TV Shows, wedding parties and permament instalations for clubs. 
Our high power units are also an impressive way to project on far buildings from a big distance.



We do not only videomapping, but also laser. In or outdoor - Youre

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